Reinhoud D'haese

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CoBrA - artist
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Abstract, cobra, expressionism
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Reinhoud d'Haese was born in Grammont, Belgium. From 1960 he used his first name only. As a sculptor making sensitive partly surrealistic sculptures of cobber he was introduced to the CoBrA-movement by Pierre Alechinsky. He exhibited at several CoBrA exhibitions.

Only in 1958, a long time after the movement had fallen apart, Reinhoud got on to doing his own thing. Since that time he has made works of art in different kinds of metal, but also, at a small scale, a population of humorous and mysterious fairytale beings in bread which completely harmonise with the CoBrA language. Reinhoud worked with copper, lead and pewter.

The graphical works and his drawings are also typicaly linked with is style of sculpturing.



il a eu la délicatesse de s'apercevoir que nous serions mieux séparés