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Serielle Formationen. Frankfurt 1967

Re-staging of the first German exhibition of international tendencies in Minimalism.

The exhibition ‘Serielle Formationen’ (‘Serial Formations’), jointly curated by Peter Roehr and Paul Maenz for the Frankfurter Universität’s studio gallery in 1967, can be seen as the first thematic exhibition on Minimalist trends in Germany. In the context of its exhibition series ‘Minimalism in Germany’, which started in 2005, the Daimler Art Collection is making a first attempt to re-stage the historical presentation.

‘Serielle Formationen’ was an outstanding exhibition that brought together the contemporary trends of the period. In particular, it showed artwork by artists from Germany and elsewhere side by side. A total of 62 artworks by 48 artists were selected because they were pictures and objects with ‘serial order’ as a visual feature—although the concepts behind them were highly diverse and sometimes downright contradictory. The European Zero movement was represented, alongside manifestations of Nouveau Réalisme, Pop Art and Op Art and American Minimal and Conceptual Art. The exhibition was accompanied by an ambitious catalogue containing six original graphical works and extensive artwork documentation and artist statements. “The ambition of ‘Serielle Formationen’ was to inform and to identify the differences between seemingly similar art phenomena.” (Maenz)

The exhibition presents works from the Daimler Art Collection as well as loans from German and international collections.

Participating artists

Carl Andre (USA), Arman (USA), Mary Bauermeister (D), Thomas Bayrle (D), Ronald Bladen (CAN), Hans Breder (D), Hal Busse (D), Enrico Castellani (I), Christo (BG), Hanne Darboven (D), Jan Dibbets (NL), May Fasnacht (CH), Eberhard Fiebig (D), Dan Flavin (USA), Karl Gerstner (CH), Raimund Girke (PL), Rolf Glasmeier (D), Hermann Glöckner (D), Hermann Goepfert (D), Mathias Goeritz (PL), Kuno Gonschior (D), Gerhard von Graevenitz (D), Hans Haacke (D), Al Hansen (USA), Marie Luise Heller (D), Jan Henderikse (NL), Ewerdt Hilgemann (D), Oskar Holzweck (D), Gottfried Honegger (CH), Bernhard Höke (D), Donald Judd (USA), Jiří Kolář (CZ), Yayoi Kusama (JP), Walter Leblanc (BEL), Thomas Lenk (D), Sol LeWitt (USA), Konrad Lueg (D), Wolfgang Lukowski (D), Adolf Luther (D), Heinz Mack (D), Piero Manzoni (I), Agnes Martin (CAN), Almir da Silva Mavignier (BR), Christian Megert (CH), Henk Peeters (NL), Larry Poons (JP), Charlotte Posenenske (D), Markus Raetz (CH), Bridget Riley (GB), Christian Roeckenschuss (D), Peter Roehr (PL), Dieter Roth (D), Ulrich Rückriem (D), Eckhard Schene (D), Felix Schlenker (D), Wolfgang Schmidt (D), Jan Schoonhoven (NL), Klaus Staudt (D), Mike Steiner (USA), Frank Stella (USA), Peter Thoms (D), Paul Talman (CH), Günther Uecker (D), Victor Vasarely (HU), Herman de Vries (NL), Franz Erhard Walther (D), Andy Warhol (USA), Jürgen Wegener (D), Gruppe X

Further works related to seriel formations from the Daimler Art Collection by

Karl-Heinz Adler (D), Hal Busse (D), Hermann Glöckner (D), Hanne Darboven (D), Karl Gerstner (CH), Rolf Glasmeier (D), Gerhard von Graevenitz (D), Marie-Luise Heller (D), Hans Peter Hoch (D), Heinz Mack (D), Christian Megert (CH), Christian Roeckenschuss (D), Ulrich Rückriem (D), Eckhard Schene (D), Michael Steiner (D) (Loan), Franz Erhard Walther (D)

Curator 2017: Renate Wiehager

Curators 1967: Paul Maenz and Peter Roehr