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Art Abstrait

Second edition of the magazine Art Abstrait, 1953
1952 to 1956

In 1952, the group Art Abstrait was founded in Belgium. This organization wanted to bring artists together who were committed with the abstraction in art in different ways.

The organization was founded amongst others by Pol Bury, Jo Delahaut and Jan Saverys. It aspired to artistic innovation and international breakthrough. This small group of artists reacted against the figurative painting of their predecessors. Membership in this movement meant for many artists an important step in their artistic development. Both contstructivists as lyrical abstract artists found their place and got more opportunities to encouraging dialogue and exposition.

During the years, two currents developed within the Art Abstrait: the constructivists, who held a rigid and predetermined composition and lyrical abstract artists who wanted as much freedom as possible in the development of their work. This discussion between lyrical and geometric abstraction, say between intuition and reason or between spontaneity and planning, is from 1954 eventually more and more fed and led to the ending of Art Abstrait in 1956.

Poster of an exhibition at the PMMK (museum Ostend)  about Art Abstrat, 1988
Expo with work from Pol Bury.
Jo Delahaut - untitled, oil on canvas, 1954
Guy Vandenbranden -untitled, oil on canvas,1956