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Paul Van Hoeydonck

City of birth: 

Van Hoeydonck is a Belgian artist. He worked among other things as a sculptor, painter, draftsman, printmaker and collage artist.

In 1941 he studied drawing at the Academy in Antwerp in an evening course and he later worked in the drawing atelier of Jos Hendrickx. Later he studied at the Art History Institute in Antwerp and also took courses at the Institute of Art History and Archaeology in Brussels.

Afterwards he bekame a self-taught artist, which made him one of the Belgian artists who were linked to the ZERO in the '60s. His later assemblage work also has links with the Pop Art and Nouveau Réalisme.

Van Hoeydonck especially showed interest in the human presence in space. He gave the planets and the constellations a place in his paintings. In 1971, the astronauts of the Apollo 15 put his statuette "Fallen Astronaut" on the moon. This is the only work of art that is located in outher space.