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Pol Bury

City of birth: 
Haine-Saint-Pierre - Paris

Pol Bury was a Belgian paintor and sculpturorr. He was a member of the Walloon surrealistic movement and the CoBrA group. Bury is also often referred to as ZERO artist. He is well known by his monumental founains and his contribution to the kinetic arts.

At age 16, Bury started his trainting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen. Inspired by the work of Tanguy and René Margritte, he started to paint. From 1947, Bury started to paint in a more abstract style. Therefore he had to leave the surrealistic movement and he joined ’La Jeune Peinture Belge’. From that moment, he exposed with artists of the CoBrA movement. His membership of CoBrA didn't last long, because he had issues with the drift to the spontaneousness. Later on, his work became more impersonal and got linked to the ZERO. From 1959, his kinetic work was shown in an impressive list of ZERO exhibitions.

In 1969 he constructed his first monumental work: a fountain for the Iowa University. In Brussels, on the Boulevard É. Jacqmain, there is a fountain 'Pol Bury' made by him and named to him.